Helping you find the correct PIC controller for your needs

With the growing and ever divergent use for Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC) microcontrollers, ensuring that your project or roll-out has the correct device from the range of PIC controllers available is no longer a straightforward matter, or question of basic elements such as voltage and pin connectivity. With the more complex – and as a consequence more effective – use of PIC today, using the services of Kanda to ensure you have the best and most appropriate PIC controller for your project requirements is essential.

Whether your requirements are for a low-end, 40 instruction PIC programmer or a high-end, complex 80 instruction solution, we at Kanda strive to ensure that you have the most efficient, specific to your situation device. Whether your programming set up involves a 32-Bit Windows 95 computer with Parallel Port connectivity or 64-Bit Windows 8 with a USB interface, we can provide the hand-held PIC programmer that meets your requirements. You will never find yourself in the situation where you need, or are expected, to upgrade your PC hardware to meet the PIC programming requirements of your development project.

To eliminate mistakes and costly errors – particularly out in the field or on production lines – we at Kanda always advise on using one of the single key PIC controllers we offer. With all programming handled via central control on a master PC, errors in programming or updating PIC microcontrollers are all but avoided. For greater flexibility in management, our PIC programmers can be programmed to delivered a finite, limited number of updates, or alternatively be left at infinite, with no need to refresh or confirm. This level of control brings efficiency and ease to the world of PIC programming.

Perhaps the biggest issue facing the average PIC programmer user is power, both in respect of PIC voltage and battery power for the hand-held programmer set. In regards of the latter, the PIC programmers supplied by Kanda have intelligent, efficient battery use, with the devices typically being capable of running via device connectivity. In regards of microcontroller power, the overwhelming majority of PIC programmers we supply can handle both low voltage and high voltage PIC requirements, eliminating the need to have two devices on hand.

For the PIC programming starter or experienced professional that requires reliable equipment, Kanda are the leaders in providing the PIC Controllers leaders in the field consider to be the best in the business. Contact our team of experts today to see how we can ensure you get the right development and implementation tools for your project.