Offering all customers fixed or portable programmer solutions

PIC programmers and microcontrollers are a specialist area of expertise for us here at Kanda. Whether you require a fixed and expansive set up, or need the flexibility of a portable PIC programmer for on-site and field development, we can ensure that you get the right equipment to deliver the functionality you need at the most competitive price possible. As you would expect, our services do not stop at the provision of equipment – we ensure that you get the necessary support and knowledge to get the maximum efficiency and benefit from your programmer kit.

Whilst we understand that most PIC programmers 8-Bit models meet the requirements and demands of most functionality, we at Kanda are able to provide 16-Bit and 32-Bit devices for the more specific, dedicated design requirements. In all cases, no matter what your PIC microcontroller requirements are, Kanda can be counted on for extensive support and knowledge data sharing.

The in-system, in-house and in-circuit flexibility and versatility offered by PIC programmers – often delivered at processing speeds superior to that offered by AVR programmers – can be highly advantageous, in particular with the adoption and application of firmware updates. The simplicity, as many will be aware, can lead to the easy slip of problems hitting. Debugging can get quite complex, and without the right knowledge resources on hand one runs the risk of needing a reprogramming recall, one that is usually resource draining and rather expensive. The extensive database, debugging reports and Microsoft Windows specific software we provide will assist all PIC programming requirements, from those starting in the field right through to expert users.

As you would expect, our range of PIC Programmer ICSP circuit boards and connectors offer the versatility to be adapted for high or low voltage operations, ensuring that we at Kanda can supply you with the right and correct equipment for your purposes. If you contact us to discuss your purposes and intentions, Kanda can be relied upon to make sure you get exactly what you need, including adaptations needed for connectivity.

For all your PIC programmers requirements, from design and debugging to roll-out and implementation, Kanda are proud to be your choice for professional equipment, expert advice, proactive support and competitive pricing. Whether you are a beginner, as eager to learn of the potential of PIC programming as you are in need of guidance and support, or an advanced user seeking professional equipment and peer support, Kanda can deliver to your requirements.