Offering PIC microcontroller chips at inexpensive prices

The low cost and widespread availability of PIC microcontroller chips, coupled with the relative ease in which they can be programmed, has seen them become one of the most popular for use both amongst enthusiastic hobbyists and industrial developers. The basic functionality of PIC chips makes them idea for any system that needs only a low level of computing power, with the wide range of PIC Programmers we offer at Kanda making it as straightforward and user friendly as possible to both program and update the chip to your requirements.

Mindful of the fact that PIC programming is usually regarded as the ideal starting point for people who have an interest in learning how to build circuits and systems, we at Kanda have created a comprehensive PIC Training Kit. This kit is designed to operate in a fully functional way, but is accompanied by all the documentation, guides and information you would require to start using PIC Programmers from square one. We have created this in such a way that someone who has never been exposed to the world of microcontroller programming could follow the steps and be successful. We also appreciate that some of the costs involved with programming can seem prohibitive, so we have made sure that our training kits are supplied at the lowest, most moderate pricing possible.

For the more advanced users looking for PIC Programmers of practical use, we have a wide range of portable, hand-held devices which are perfect for use on-site and in the field. In most cases our portable PIC Programmers can be uploaded and deployed entirely stand alone, meaning that you do not need to have a laptop with you to update or reprogram equipment with a PIC microcontroller chip installed. Many people appreciate the benefit of this, as you have the flexibility to update PIC chips in areas that are difficult to access in general and would be almost impossible to get to with a laptop.

The technology of PIC Programmers has reached a level which sees it possible to have a one button operation PIC programmer in the form of a key-fob device. This makes them even easier to move around and use off-site, allowing for vital updates to be implemented faster and more efficiently.

As well as the PIC Programmers and PIC microcontroller chips, Kanda also makes available to our valued customers our expert knowledge for guidance and support. We also provide extensive downloads for you on our website, and host a forum where you can discuss ideas and problems relating to PIC programming, as well as access our knowledge databases. At Kanda we are committed to giving you a total solution for your PIC programming requirements.